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Vintage Resistol Fedora Hat Stetson Open Road Style

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Vintage Resistol Fedora Hat Stetson Open Road Style Picture(s) and Description:

 96891205770768140 Vintage Resistol Fedora Hat Stetson Open Road Style

Please review the description below & peruse the slideshow at the top of the page to help you decide if this is the vintage fedora for you. Mouse over the image to pause or restart. Click View All to go directly to the album. If you can't see the photos, it's likely you're at work & your employer's filters are blocking the photo-sharing site. You'll just have to get your nose back to the grindstone & view the pictures at home. If you have further trouble viewing the pics, I'll be happy to send them via email. If you collect vintage fedoras, then it's likely you're familiar with Stetson's iconic Open Road model. Since its introduction in the late 40s, the OR has been regarded as the perfect "town & country" hat: its classic fedora styling combined with just a hint of casual Western flair makes the OR a very versatile lid indeed. Regardless of the circumstances or the clothing combination, OR-styled hats just seem to fit right in. This versatility made the OR one of Stetson's top sellers for decades; hat aficionados continue to prize them highly to this day. Naturally, the OR's runaway popularity inspired Stetson's competitors to introduce their own version of this beloved "thin ribbon" hat. For many years, Resistol was one of Stetson's closest competitors; furthermore, variations on the OR style were this company's speciality---many collectors regard Resistol's thin-ribbon offerings as the equal of Stetson's in terms of both styling and quality of materials & construction. The Resistol up for bids is an excellent example of that hatmaker's remarkable facility with the Open Road style. This OR clone--rendered in top-notch XXX Beaver felt--is a real beaut. Proportions, tags, and trimmings indicate it was produced in the early 1950s---during Resistol's heyday as one of America's top hat companies. Take a look at the size & condition statements below for all the pertinent specs and details: Size & Dimensions: Tagged size 7 1/8. I measure the internal circumference (hard to do with absolute accuracy) as 22 1/4". Since sizing vintage hats can sometimes be tricky, a word to help you with fit: I wear a 7 1/4 myself, and this hat does indeed feel about a size too small when I plop it on my noggin. It's not so small that it just sits on top of my head like a kid's party hat (the way a 6 7/8 or a 7 would), but all the same, it's still a bit too snug for me to wear comfortably, so I'm passing it on. If you're a 7 1/8, I think you'll find this hat fits true to size. Brim measures 2 5/8" & is bound in grosgrain. Crown is 5 1/2" high. Grosgrain ribbon is 3/8" wide. Brown leather sweatband is 1 7/8" wide. Condition: Excellent. The fur felt has a truly marvelous finish; the beaver fur content here helps make the "hand" or texture of the felt particularly soft & rich to the touch. The felt feels sturdy & dense, yet at the same time it's very soft and pliable---you can apply your favorite fedora crease with a few deft flicks of your fingers. This exquisite combination of apparent "density" (incidentally, a sure-fire indicator of durability) and "mold-ability" is a characteristic of vintage fur felt that you simply won't find in contemporary factory-made hats. They really don't make `em like they used to, gents---today's economies of scale make the amount of time, effort & expense that would go into the creation of a finish this nice a risky financial proposition for modern-day hat companies. The felt is rendered in a color usually called "silverbelly": it's a tannish-greenish-greyish-taupish combination that will prove complimentary to a wide variety of clothing colors. This version of silverbelly seems to lean a little more toward the light gray end of the spectrum than many contemporary variations on this color. Overall, it's a nice light shade that will serve you well when you're wearing this lid during the warmer months. I've taken the photos in natural light without flash to give you the best possible representation of this remarkable color. Inside the hat, the brown leather sweatband is still soft & supple; it shows little-to-no wear. All stitching is nice & tight. Stamping in gold on the sweatband is crisp: "XXX Beaver." The white satin liner is clean & the clear plastic crown protector is intact. You'll note that the liner is not the original Resistol liner; it's likely that at some point, the hat's original owner had a new liner installed when he dropped off his hat to be cleaned & blocked. In those days, men's hair products were particularly unkind to hat liners; it wasn't unusual for a gent to ask his hatter to replace a liner after the original had become soiled with "greasy kid's stuff". Most hatters kept "generic" hat liners on hand for just that purpose: as you can see, this liner has a standard fancy-looking crest over the words "Made by Master Craftsmen." A quick look behind the sweatband, though, reveals the hat's true identity: the Resistol data tag is still affixed (see the photo I've included). What about flaws? Well, I really couldn't find any significant issues here. This hat shows few signs of handling or wear. The felt is surprisingly clean. No stains or blemishes (especially remarkable for a 60 year-old light colored hat). No signs of insect activity. After looking long & hard at this hat, the only thing I noticed was some faint evidence of a former cattleman's crease on top of the crown; to see that, however, you've got to be looking awfully closely with your eyeball to the felt, as it were. It certainly isn't visible when the hat's being worn; it's too faint to even appear in my photos. As flaws go, this one is utterly inconsequential---I simply mention it in the interest of full disclosure. Finally, this hat is trimmed with a nifty wind trolley---that button-on-a-cord you can attach to your lapel so your hat will stay with you on a blustery day. This deluxe add-on is always a sign of a well-made hat. All in all, this is a fantastic example of a classically styled fedora in near-mint condition. What's more, I'm sure you'll agree that no proper vintage hat collection is complete without a sharp thin-ribbon fedora. Splendid vintage lids like this one are becoming increasingly scarce; if this one fits, don't let it get away! Offered at a low starting bid with no reserve. I describe these vintage items to the best of my ability; unless I've made a demonstrable error in my description, all sales are final. Having said that, I will also stipulate that I will do everything within reason to ensure our transaction is a pleasant one. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me; I will respond promptly and do what is necessary to resolve the matter to our mutual satisfaction. Shipping includes delivery confirmation & insurance. International bidders: I handle overseas shipping on a case-by-case basis. If you live outside the US, please contact me before you bid. Thanks for looking & happy bidding!

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