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Vintage Stetson Royal Deluxe Fedora Hat Homburg 7 3/8

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Vintage Stetson Royal Deluxe Fedora Hat Homburg 7 3/8 Picture(s) and Description:

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Please review the description below & peruse the slideshow at the top of the page to help you decide if this is the vintage hat for you. Mouse over the image to pause or restart. Click View All to go directly to the album. If you can't see the photos, it's likely you're at work & your employer's filters are blocking the photo-sharing site. You'll just have to get your nose back to the grindstone & view the pictures at home. If you have further trouble viewing the pics, I'll be happy to send them via email. No serious collection of vintage felt hats can be complete without a nice homburg or two. To be sure, I admire a fine vintage fedora as much (probably more) as the next guy, but there's something truly majestic about a homburg's profile. These days, we sometimes associate the homburg with the wealthy, impeccably-dressed types we remember seeing in movies from the 30s & 40s: it seems Hollywood would often use the homburg as visual shorthand for "plutocrat." In reality, homburgs graced the heads of the hoi polloi and the well-heeled in equal numbers; for much of the 20th century's hat-rich first half, the homburg was a very popular hat style---there was nothing unusual about seeing either your baker or your banker stepping out in a sharp homburg. There's ample reason for the homburg's broad appeal: with its full, soft crown & its dramatically curled brim adorned with a wide swath of grosgrain ribbon, the homburg really added an element of gravitas to a gent's appearance. That's still the case today; what's more, I've found my homburgs to be quite versatile---they're terrific toppers when I'm wearing a suit, of course, but they also look great when I'm wearing a more casual jeans-and-a-sport-coat-type outfit. That's especially true when I give my homburg's crown a rakish front pinch---as I've done with this hat for one of the photos above. However you like to wear your vintage homburg, you'll want some assurance that you've got a good one; a homburg was no mere soft brimmed hat---executing its complicated trimmings required considerable expertise (hence a homburg's slightly elevated retail cost back in the day). Well, for assurance of quality, you need look no further: the homburg up for bids was made by Stetson---America's #1 hat company during the golden age of men's style. This hat is from Stetson's renowned "St. Regis" line---considered by many to be the ne plus ultra of vintage homburg models. What's more, this St. Regis is rendered in Stetson's exquisite Royal Deluxe fur felt; the word "Deluxe" signified superlative quality & this hat lives up to its name. The hat's proportions, tags, liner, & other trimmings indicate it was produced sometime in the late 1940s or early 50s. It's a gorgeous hat, in a hard-to-find larger size, and moreover, it looks as though it was worn very little. Check out the size & condition statement below for all the pertinent details: Size & Dimensions: The round black & yellow size tag--printed on heavy manila card stock--reads "3/8." That's Stetson-speak for 7 3/8 (Stetson started to print the full fraction on its hats in the latter part of the 50s). I measure the internal circumference (hard to do with absolute accuracy) as 22 7/8". Since sizing vintage hats can be tricky, a word to help you with fit: I wear a 7 1/4 and this hat fits me with a little bit of extra wiggle room besides. Should fit a standard 7 3/8 or a "large end" (between sizes) 7 1/4 nicely. Brim measures 2 5/8" wide. Crown is 5 5/8" high. Black grosgrain ribbon is 1 3/4" wide. Brown leather sweatband is comfortably wide at 1 7/8". Condition: Outstanding. The fur felt's finish is deliciously smooth; the crown is soft, pliable, and rich to the touch. The felt is clearly substantial & dense, yet the hat is somehow surprisingly light---that's a sure-fire sign of high quality vintage fur felt. To be plain: while you can buy a decent off-the-shelf felt hat today, you will not find a factory-produced hat with a finish this fine. The complex, expensive, and time-consuming rendering & finishing processes required to produce this type of finish are prohibitively costly given the present day's economies of scale---today's hat companies simply can't afford to produce a hat this nice, period. The felt is entirely clean: no signs of wear, handling, or insect activity. The hat is rendered in a wonderful shade of dove gray; I've taken the photos in natural light without flash to give you the best possible representation of this splendid color. The grosgrain ribbon around the crown is black; it's finished with an elegant double-bow. The grosgrain brim binding matches the felt nicely. Inside the hat, the leather sweatband is still soft & supple; it exhibits only the mildest possible suggestion of wear. Stamping in gold script is still crisp: "Royal Deluxe Stetson," the Stetson logo, "St. Regis," "BSB" (the original owner's initials), and "Maurice L. Rothschild & Co." (the name of the original retailer). All stitching is tight. The white satin liner is nice and clean, save for a faint stray pencil mark or two (an inconsiderate hat-check girl's means of notation, perhaps?). Finally, the hat is trimmed with a wind trolley: that button-on-a-string the wearer could attach to his lapel so his expensive hat would stay with him on a blustery day. A storm string such as this typically signaled that the fine hat it was attached to was far too precious to risk having it sail off into the street when the wind was up. In sum, this is a gorgeous homburg in near-pristine condition. A Royal Deluxe St. Regis homburg was a high-quality item in its day; these days, they're even more prized: vintage Stetsons like this are growing scarce, especially in larger sizes like this one. Moreover, finding a contemporary homburg of comparable quality would be well-nigh impossible---they really "don't make `em like they used to," fellas. If this one fits, don't let it get away! Offered at a low starting bid with no reserve. I've also included an eminently reasonable Buy-It-Now for those of you with itchy trigger fingers. I describe these vintage items to the best of my ability; unless I've made a demonstrable error in my description, all sales are final. Having said that, I will also stipulate that I will do everything within reason to ensure our transaction is a pleasant one. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me; I will respond promptly and do what is necessary to resolve the matter to our mutual satisfaction. Shipping includes delivery confirmation & insurance. International bidders: I handle overseas shipping on a case-by-case basis. If you live outside the US, please contact me before you bid. Thanks for looking & happy bidding!

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