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Vintage Stetson Stratoliner TWA Airplane Hat Pin 1940s

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Vintage Stetson Stratoliner TWA Airplane Hat Pin 1940s Picture(s) and Description:

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What we have here is a vintage hat pin that originally went on a Stetson Stratoliner model fedora, a popular hat made in the 1940s and 1950s. If you have a Stetson Stratoliner hat, you NEED this pin to go on it or that hat just ain't complete! It is made of metal and has a clasp-style straight pin on its backside. This pin comes and goes on ebay. I wouldn't say it is too rare, but it isn't that easy to find, either. Sort of in the middle in rarity, I guess. Here is what it looks like when properly affixed to a Stetson Stratoliner hat... By the way, for you Stetson fans, I have a question. I Originally bought this pin... (NOTICE the above pin is NOT for sale here) ... now I originally thought this was the Stratoliner pin that went on the original hat. But it looks very different from the pin on the advertisement that Stetson published in the 1950s (which looks like this...) Notice how the one in the advert above is thinner than the one I bought. And notice that the one I bought is facing a different direction. Also notice that it has 4 engines and the original Stratoliner airplane also had four engines. The engines question is one that has vexed Stetson collectors for a while I am told. Now, even though the fat plane pin is different, it is still in the same general style as the thinner plane pin version. So, the question I have is this: could this be an earlier version of the Stratoliner pin? After all it is extremely similar stylistically to the one I am selling in this auction except that it is fatter and facing a different direction. Could it be an earlier version of the Strato pin? I have to say, I've never seen another one like the fat one! If any of you knowledgeable Stetson collectors out there know what the fat plane pin is, I'd love to hear from you.On Apr-22-11 at 09:33:38 PDT, seller added the following information: UPDATE... I just wanted it to be VERY clear. The brown hat pictured above is ONLY for an example of how the TWA airplane pin I am selling was used on the Stetson Stratoliner model. I am NOT selling a hat in this auction. As the title of the sale clearly says, this is for the hat pin only.

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